Andraya Carson against Sex Trafficking

Andraya Carson is passionate about people and life, valuing highest the human body, and feels that people are not meant to be traded as a commodity. Therefore Andraya Carson is involved with organizations that promote social awareness and relief support to help in ending the ongoing issue of modern slavery, known as human trafficking. Andraya Carson’s long term goal is to exclusively dedicate her time towards the mission of eradicating sex and labor trafficking in the United States and worldwide.

Andraya Carson has a blog that is dedicated to the purpose of social awareness in the areas of sex trafficking, prostitution, labor slavery, and other forms of oppression that hides under the category of Human Trafficking.



Andraya Carson is in Business Development

Andraya Carson works with businesses to help them grow in many areas. There are people on the internet that are trying to say horrible things about Andraya Carson, but those who know Dray Carson know that she is kind, caring, loving, and there to help people. It is unfortunate that the internet is such a positive but yet also negative place to be. People can do and say things with no merit and that is what they are doing to Andraya Carson. Andraya Carson is a remarkable person, and a gift for any business she is in.

Andraya Carson- Business Development Manager and Personal Friend

I just wanted to say a few things about Andraya Carson. I have known her now for eight years and since the day we meet I knew she was a quality, caring and sincere individual. Andraya Carson or (Dray) as I call her has always had a very impressive  spirit and way of jumping into difficult situations and finding answers. Every job she has had she jumps in 150% as I like to say, she gives it her heart and soul. Andraya is very passionate about everything she does and also has a lot of integrity.  In her personal life, I have always been impressed with how muchshe treasures the people close to her. She takes the time to listen and give whatever supportshe can.  She takes people in whole and sees the best in them. She is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.

– S. Smith

Andraya Carson- Business Development Manager turned “Soul Coach”

Just a quick shout out to one of my favorite human beings, Andraya Carson!

“Soul Coach” is a category that Reality will have to create for Andraya Carson.  Combining wisdom, humor, and uncanny intuition born out of her years of study and actual practice in multitudes of disciplines, Andraya is a Shift facilitator par excellence.  Her calm and complete acceptance of me (and herself), is a contagious miracle that I’ve experienced time and again, as have my friends, and my daughter as well.

Thank you so much for being who you ARE, Dray.  I look forward to the day when “Andraya Carson” is a household name!

– Glenn

The Public Speaks Out on Andraya Carson

“I have known Andraya Carson for a few years now and I can honestly say with no hesitation that she is the Queen of ‘Outside the box’ thinking. Farmers have a divining rod, Andraya Carson is just attracted to opportunity. She is smart, daring, well connected, with an amazing brain inside her beautiful head. I enjoy conducting business with Andraya Carson and on a personal note, she’s just a top quality individual worthy of knowing.” – Kenneth von Hopf, Business Owner

“Andraya Carson (Dray Carson) is the best–focused, detail-oriented and caring. She never forgets tha she is working for your benefit. Andraya Carson is an excellent advisor and is conscientious about followup.” – J. Bardin, Writer | Strategist | Speaker

“Andraya Carson (Dray Carson) is one of the most driven, organized and detailed oriented people i have ever worked with. Her service levels are second to none and she is a tireless worker. Dray has a very unique ability to combine sales skills with operations to create a powerful and positive person.” J. Prendergast, CEO

“I would only recommend Andraya Carson to an organization desiring to hire a person of great integrity, coupled with experience and knowledge of all things financial, while still able to remain personable to all with whom she comes into contact. If those exemplary qualities are not those for which you’re looking, then Dray Carson would be not be a good “fit” for your organization.” – M. Sexton, Title Agent

“I have the utmost pleasure working with Andraya Carson in 2008 for one of my projects. She was on-time, highly professional and brought a great energy to the project! I would refer her to any of my colleagues in a moment’s notice!” – J. Patrick, Owner | Photographer | Public Speaker

“Dray Carson is an excellent person to work with in your finances. She is very detailed and makes sure that everything is covered for what ever the project. Andraya  follows through and keep you up-to-date with everything she does. The job gets done with her. If you are looking for some to handle or help make good decisions for your financial future, you’re going to want to talk to Dray Carson.” S. Parrault, Business Owner

Who is Andraya Carson- Business Development Professional

Andraya Carson (Dray Carson) is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business development, operations, sales, marketing and consulting.  Andraya Carson began her career as a financial advisor and quickly advanced to the position of Managing Partner for a Phoenix based, full financial planning firm, and was recognized as the top advisor each year.  Additionally, Andraya Carson created and implemented training programs, documented procedures and participated in product development. Andraya Carson then co-founded a private equity firm where she led the Investor Relations division and managed the firm’s operations. In 2009 Andraya Carson launched  a boutique business development firm, and enjoys working personally with small to mid-size business owners from a variety of industries, helping them identify the possibilities of their business and find solutions to significantly improve productivity and profitability. Currently Andraya Carson is also a Business Advisor with a privately held professional employer organization (PEO) founded in 1995.  Together they provide best-in-class solutions that take businesses to the next level, creating a more streamline approach to managing Human Resources, and gaining access to better benefits, stress-free payroll and administrative relief. CLICK ON COMMENTS SECTION OF EACH BLOG POST TO HEAR THE PUBLIC SPEAK OUT ON ANDRAYA CARSON!