Andraya Carson- Exploring Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Demand During the Super Bowl

Much has been said about the impact of the Super Bowl on sex trafficking, most of which indicates it is a key variable leading to a dramatic increase in commercial sexual exploitation and victimization. Recent reports and dozens of news articles strongly point to the Super Bowl as the most prominent national event where sex trafficking flourishes, with estimates of as many as 10,000 victims flooding host cities to be offered to willing purchasers intent on buying sex. While this has attracted a great deal of attention in the media and has served as a key point in the national dialogue on sex trafficking, support for such assertions has been sparse. While some such inquiries have been conducted capably, evidence supported research on the influence of the Super Bowl on sex trafficking has been limited.

With the support of the McCain Institute, researchers from Arizona State University sought to investigate and understand the true impact of the Super Bowl on sex trafficking, to further the national discussion on sex trafficking and its local and national impact as well as to develop a baseline understanding of regional sex trafficking trends for the 2015 Super Bowl which is to be held in Phoenix. What follows is what we believe to be the first comprehensive and systematic review of the quagmire that is the Super Bowl and sex trafficking and the first attempt to add clarity to a complex, national epidemic.

Source Credit: This article first appeared on the McCain Institute Website


Andraya Carson: 7 Steps to Cold Calling

Hello all you sales people who hate cold calling!!! I read this article and it helped me, so I am passing it on to you!

(MoneyWatch) A reader writes:

Will you share strategies that work best when breaking the ice with new prospects over the phone? I have to make some 20-30 calls within a 2 hour period and most clients are rushed and hurried and I find myself racing to get to the point, leaving very little time to build rapport. How do I build rapport immediately in these circumstances? I am genuinely interested in building a relationship to learn as much as I can about their core issues so I can build proposals that directly address their objectives and needs. What’s the best way to engage them (in 30 seconds or less I imagine), which would cause them relax somewhat so they want to share information with you. If you would be willing to share this, I would appreciate it very much.
Before we get started, though, you need to be aware that there’s a vast difference of opinion, among experts and sales pros alike, about the effectiveness of cold-calling.
Many sales experts think cold-calling is a waste of time and prefer other forms of generating leads. Others see cold-calling as a last resort, while still others see it as a mainspring of any effective sales process.
Later, I’ll discuss some of those other viewpoints. For now, let’s just get the basics down. Andrea Sittig-Rolf, author of “The Seven Keys to Effective Business-to-Business Appointment Setting” is an extremely well-known proponent of cold-calling as a lead-generation technique.
When I spoke with Andrea a couple of years ago, she observed that cold-calling is all about getting the appointment. She therefore gears the entire cold-calling process toward achieving that end. Here’s a summary of her approach:
Research a list of prospects. Before making your calls, research your prospects. Look for prospects who have a similar profile to those who have bought from the past. They’ll be easier to sell. Next to each prospect, note any of your current customers in the prospect’s industry, region, job classification, or anything else that might help you to position your offering. Don’t spend a lot of time on this, just find out enough so that you can pitch using terms that the prospect can understand.
Build your script. Once you know whom you’re going to call, focus on what you’re going to say. Write a brief script (no more than three or four sentences) that introduces who you are, what you do, and what you provide. An effective script asks for the appointment early. Please note that the purpose of the script is NOT to communicate substantive information about your offering. Instead, the purpose of the phone call is to win the right to actually sell to the prospect.
Anticipate objections. Each time one of them materializes, you’ll need to handle them appropriately… and then ask for the appointment. Most objections are common to all sales situations, so you should have little or no trouble listing them out. The trick here is to practice handling objections until the response is automatic. Note: the most important part of handling the objection is asking for the appointment.
Get positive and get calling. Attitude is everything. If your offering has value to the customer, you’re doing the prospect a favor by giving him or her the opportunity to meet with you. Therefore, have confidence in your ability to provide value. That confidence not only helps you communicate more effectively, it provides the motivation that will drive you to actually sit down and start making the cold calls.
Leave a message (if necessary). If you end up in the contact’s voice-mail system, don’t despair. Leave a very brief message based upon your calling script. However, rather than setting a time for an appointment, say that you’ll be calling back on a certain date and time, but would appreciate a callback. The next time you call, ask the admin if the contact is in. If not, tell the admin that you’ve been trying to connect with the contact and would like to know when would be a good time to call.
Handle the objections. Once you’ve got the contact on the line, execute the script. Don’t read it! Put it into your own words, with enthusiasm. In almost every case, you will get at least one, and probably more, objections. Since you’ve anticipated these objections, you should respond to them as necessary and then ask for the appointment again. If you receive more than 3 objections, it’s fair to assume that the prospect is not going to meet with you, so thank the prospect and politely end the call.
Repeat the process on a daily basis. if you’re determined to excel, commit to an hour a day attempting to achieve two appointments. If it takes fifteen minutes to get the two appointments, then you can quit early. Practice this regularly and, according to Andrea, you’ll very quickly have a calendar full of qualified prospects.
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Andraya Carson- 5 Tips for Creating Successful Business Development

When it comes to business development, there are so many areas to cover, that sometime it can be overwhelming. Taking it one step at a time and focusing in on several areas, is key to success. Andraya Carson works with her clients to help them navigate their way through areas of business that could use expansion, and Dray Carson helps them prioritize. Andraya Carson shares some simple steps:

1. Hire the right person at the right time. Timing is everything. Understand the life cycle of business and where you are at. Sometimes we try to save money and hold back from hiring the right talent that your organization needs to get to the next level. Invest in your business, and enjoy the returns!

2. Business Development focuses on relationship building. This is very different than sales. You are not just closing a deal, you are building something that should pay you tenfold over time.

3. After the Sale, the deal isn’t over. Managing the process that happens after the client says YES, is just as important. Don’t get sloppy because you closed the deal. Remember you are developing relationships- and that process is ongoing.

4. Support is important. Each department should be a support to one another in all areas of business development. This is not a one person show- it takes a team effort.

5. Get Legal Council. Have a support of knowledgable professionals that care about your business and can guide you along the path of decision making, so that you are aware of how today’s issues will impact tomorrow’s success level. Don’t play lawyer- pay a lawyer, and get the right guidance you need to avoid major hurdles.


Andraya (Dray) Carson is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business development, operations, sales, marketing and consulting. In 2009 Miss Carson launched Carson Connections, a boutique business development firm, and enjoys working personally with small to mid-size business owners, helping them identify the possibilities of their business and find solutions to significantly improve productivity and profitability. Andraya Carson is also a Business Advisor with G&A Partners, a licensed professional employer organization (PEO), providing best-in-class solutions that help take businesses to the next level, creating a more streamline approach to managing Human Resources, and gaining access to better benefits, stress-free payroll and administrative relief. 


Andraya Carson – Creating success for Business

Being successful in business is not something that happens by chance. It takes time, energy and focus to build dreams. In the world of Business Development you constantly are having to shift and make adjustments to the world around you. From technology to processes to people, nothing stays consistent if you are looking to develop and grow. Andraya Carson specializes in helping businesses and people navigate their way around change, and points their business towards the path of success. To learn more about how Andraya Carson can help you, contact her on her website and leave a message.

Andraya Carson – Business Development Manager and Family Person

Andraya Carson you are such an amazing beautiful person. I am so thankful and grateful for having you in my life. The passion that pours out of you flows to every person you come in contact with. And then, to top it off, you create a beautiful caring man, Steve Hruby, and his gorgeous kids to be in your and all of our lives. You’re truly a blessed person to draw such quality! I’m glad that you’re in my life forever!” – A. Bejarano

Andraya Carson- Business Development and Personal Development

Andraya Carson you are such an amazing beautiful person. I am so thankful and grateful for having you in my life. The passion that pours out of you flows to every person you come in contact with. And then, to top it off, you create a beautiful caring man, Steve Hruby, and his gorgeous kids to be in your and all of our lives. You’re truly a blessed person to draw such quality! I’m glad that you’re in my life forever!- A. Bejarano