Andraya Carson against Sex Trafficking

Andraya Carson is passionate about people and life, valuing highest the human body, and feels that people are not meant to be traded as a commodity. Therefore Andraya Carson is involved with organizations that promote social awareness and relief support to help in ending the ongoing issue of modern slavery, known as human trafficking. Andraya Carson’s long term goal is to exclusively dedicate her time towards the mission of eradicating sex and labor trafficking in the United States and worldwide.

Andraya Carson has a blog that is dedicated to the purpose of social awareness in the areas of sex trafficking, prostitution, labor slavery, and other forms of oppression that hides under the category of Human Trafficking.



Andraya Carson- 5 Tips for Creating Successful Business Development

When it comes to business development, there are so many areas to cover, that sometime it can be overwhelming. Taking it one step at a time and focusing in on several areas, is key to success. Andraya Carson works with her clients to help them navigate their way through areas of business that could use expansion, and Dray Carson helps them prioritize. Andraya Carson shares some simple steps:

1. Hire the right person at the right time. Timing is everything. Understand the life cycle of business and where you are at. Sometimes we try to save money and hold back from hiring the right talent that your organization needs to get to the next level. Invest in your business, and enjoy the returns!

2. Business Development focuses on relationship building. This is very different than sales. You are not just closing a deal, you are building something that should pay you tenfold over time.

3. After the Sale, the deal isn’t over. Managing the process that happens after the client says YES, is just as important. Don’t get sloppy because you closed the deal. Remember you are developing relationships- and that process is ongoing.

4. Support is important. Each department should be a support to one another in all areas of business development. This is not a one person show- it takes a team effort.

5. Get Legal Council. Have a support of knowledgable professionals that care about your business and can guide you along the path of decision making, so that you are aware of how today’s issues will impact tomorrow’s success level. Don’t play lawyer- pay a lawyer, and get the right guidance you need to avoid major hurdles.


Andraya (Dray) Carson is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business development, operations, sales, marketing and consulting. In 2009 Miss Carson launched Carson Connections, a boutique business development firm, and enjoys working personally with small to mid-size business owners, helping them identify the possibilities of their business and find solutions to significantly improve productivity and profitability. Andraya Carson is also a Business Advisor with G&A Partners, a licensed professional employer organization (PEO), providing best-in-class solutions that help take businesses to the next level, creating a more streamline approach to managing Human Resources, and gaining access to better benefits, stress-free payroll and administrative relief.