The Public Speaks Out on Andraya Carson

“I have known Andraya Carson for a few years now and I can honestly say with no hesitation that she is the Queen of ‘Outside the box’ thinking. Farmers have a divining rod, Andraya Carson is just attracted to opportunity. She is smart, daring, well connected, with an amazing brain inside her beautiful head. I enjoy conducting business with Andraya Carson and on a personal note, she’s just a top quality individual worthy of knowing.” – Kenneth von Hopf, Business Owner

“Andraya Carson (Dray Carson) is the best–focused, detail-oriented and caring. She never forgets tha she is working for your benefit. Andraya Carson is an excellent advisor and is conscientious about followup.” – J. Bardin, Writer | Strategist | Speaker

“Andraya Carson (Dray Carson) is one of the most driven, organized and detailed oriented people i have ever worked with. Her service levels are second to none and she is a tireless worker. Dray has a very unique ability to combine sales skills with operations to create a powerful and positive person.” J. Prendergast, CEO

“I would only recommend Andraya Carson to an organization desiring to hire a person of great integrity, coupled with experience and knowledge of all things financial, while still able to remain personable to all with whom she comes into contact. If those exemplary qualities are not those for which you’re looking, then Dray Carson would be not be a good “fit” for your organization.” – M. Sexton, Title Agent

“I have the utmost pleasure working with Andraya Carson in 2008 for one of my projects. She was on-time, highly professional and brought a great energy to the project! I would refer her to any of my colleagues in a moment’s notice!” – J. Patrick, Owner | Photographer | Public Speaker

“Dray Carson is an excellent person to work with in your finances. She is very detailed and makes sure that everything is covered for what ever the project. Andraya  follows through and keep you up-to-date with everything she does. The job gets done with her. If you are looking for some to handle or help make good decisions for your financial future, you’re going to want to talk to Dray Carson.” S. Parrault, Business Owner


8 thoughts on “The Public Speaks Out on Andraya Carson

  1. Andraya Carson is an outstanding person, I have know Andraya Carson for 8 years and I have witnessed the many positive changes she has made. Andraya Carson’s integrity, dedication, strength and professionalism is beyond reproach. I am continually inspired by the passionate way she speaks about her life and the people who are dear to her. I have worked professionally with Andraya Carson on several projects and she always is detailed and professional and always goes for the highest outcome for the people an the project she truly gives her all.
    Michelle Andrews – Executive Secretary People Unlimited Inc

    • sara oldenberg says:

      Since I know Andraya carson for 9 years I more then agree, and more she is an out standing huge person

  2. Tali Calderon says:

    Andraya Carson is a very beautiful person, in and out, she is very perceptive, proactive, sensitive and caring. She can do wonders with you and your business since she has the ability to understand the business as well as the person or the people and relate to the full picture. I am so thankful for getting to know Andraya Carson, she is the best!

  3. Christi Christiaens says:

    I have known Andraya Carson (Dray Carson) for several years and I have to say that her caring and passionate attitude is outstanding. By consistently implementing her advice my business accelerated! She is a person of integrity with in dept knowledge and experience in business.

  4. Andraya Carson is a very special person to me. Since I had met her, she brings inspiration to my life. Im from Venezuela, I moved 7 years ago, I didn’t know how to speak english at that time, so there she was. She was my first date in english, her feeling about me and my improvement were so big than my feelings to be wrong, when I was speaking, she made it easy for me. Andraya Carson is an amazing human be. I adore her with all my body. As business woman Andraya inspired me to go for more all the time and she always is there for me.

  5. Andraya Carson is by far the most professional, caring and passionate person I have ever met. She does everything with purpose, dedication and integrity. Andraya Carson’s expertise and business experience has increased my knowledge of business. Her perseverance and positive attitude carries over in every aspect of her life. I am lucky to know her.

  6. I want to echo a tribute a friend wrote about Andraya Carson on his recent blog post, Online reputation: Andraya Carson deserves an awesome one ( )

    Our friend and colleague, Andraya Carson, is an outstanding individual in many ways: for the difference she makes for her family, for the values she produces for society, and for her contributions to business development here in Scottsdale and around the world.

    To counter the malicious attacks being posted about her online in order to tarnish her business development reputation, I just want to share, for the record, who Andraya Carson is. She is a great friend and ally, and one of the highest integrity people that I know!

    Dray Carson is honest, hard-working and caring. Yes, as Joe Bardin pointed out, life isn’t fair, and its very easy to attack someone online. I have no doubt that the ridiculous attack against Andraya Carson will fade rapidly. I’m glad to have this amazing person in my life.

    That’s who Andraya Carson is for me.

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